I’d like permission to reproduce Usborne pictures or text

To request copyright permission to use Usborne material (for publication, photocopying, TV or other use), please submit our permission requests form with as much detail as possible.

Please allow 4 weeks for processing your request. If you are a media/TV company and need permission urgently, please indicate this in the form.

There are circumstances under which copyright permission is not necessary. Please read our What is copyright? article for more information.

Please note that the above applies to Usborne books only. In the USA, Usborne books are sold by PaperPie, who also sell books from other publishers. Before requesting permission, please check that the book you're enquiring about is an Usborne book - if it is, you'll see our iconic, rainbow-coloured hot air balloon logo on the cover and on the spine. If it's not an Usborne book, please contact EDC directly via their website to request permission.