Why can’t I find books I see advertised on social on this website?

Usborne books are distributed in the USA by Educational Development Corporation (EDC), including through their network of independent sellers which is called PaperPie

EDC make the decision on which Usborne books to sell in the US, and whilst this is a wide range of our books - with more added all the time - it's not absolutely everything. 

If you spot an Usborne book on our social media channels, check if it's listed on this website. All our books that are available to buy in the US are here. 

If there are Usborne books that you would like to see on sale in the US which aren't currently available, please contact PaperPie to let them know.

A note on Usborne fiction books

The majority of Usborne books are written and designed by our in-house team, at our offices in the UK. However our fiction range is acquired from authors via literary agents. This is a more traditional publishing model, and one which can often lead to rights restrictions - if we are not able to buy US publishing rights from authors' agents, we are not able to distribute those books in the USA. 

We're really sorry for any disappointment caused by this, but it's out of our hands!