Usborne Instagram Competitions

We regularly run competitions on our Instagram accounts, and we want you to feel confident entering them. However, fake 'phishing' accounts are on the rise, so please be vigilant. 

This is how we run our Instagram competitions. If you see a competition which does not follow these rules, don't enter it. Please flag any suspicious accounts to Instagram using the 'report!' button.

Q: How do I enter an Usborne Instagram competition?

A: Instructions on how to enter the competition will be explained in the post’s caption.

Q: How are winners contacted?

A: If you win an Usborne Instagram competition, we will comment on the post to let you know, and ask you to DM (direct message) us your address so we can send you your prize.

Q: Will you ask for my personal details?

A: We will only ever ask for your name and address, to ensure your prize gets to you. Occasionally we may need your phone number for international couriers. We will never ask for other personal information (e.g. bank details, date of birth). 

Q: I’ve been contacted by another account claiming to be Usborne. What do I do?

We will only ever contact you through our official Usborne accounts:

Any contact through other accounts is spam. Please report any suspicious accounts to Instagram and ignore any messages from them.